Thigh Lift


When sagging skin is the cause of your dissatisfaction with your thighs, a thigh lift can offer a solution.

We distinguish between an inner and an outer thigh lift. These can be performed together or separately, depending on the indications.

Particularly on the inner thighs, a certain degree of skin sagging is common. A liposculpture may exacerbate the situation. An inner thigh lift involves the removal of the sagging skin via an incision that is hidden in the groin.

If the skin on the front and outside of the thighs also sags and the problem is visible from the front, your plastic surgeon will determine whether a liposculpture or an outer thigh lift would be best for you.

In some cases, the skin around the thighs will sag after a significant weight loss. It may then be necessary to expand the inner thigh lift with a vertical incision from the groin to the knees to remove the excess skin.

An inner thigh lift involves the removal of excess skin from the upper thighs between the patient’s legs. This is usually done under general anaesthetic. In order to lift the skin more effectively, a liposculpture is generally performed at the same time on the inside of the upper leg. The skin is firmly attached in the groin area and stitched subcutaneously with soluble thread. Skin glue will ensure the wound is sealed and waterproof.

An outer thigh lift involves the removal of fat and skin at the hip flap. This procedure is less common and often combined with an abdominoplasty as part of a “body lift.” It is a major operation that is only performed on patients with massive amounts of excess skin, e.g. as a result of significant weight loss. This procedure is also performed under general anaesthesia.

After a small thigh lift, it will usually be possible to walk around again after one or two days, provided that you wear stretch pants and move carefully. You will not be able to spread your legs for a few days and you are advised not to do so. If you have undergone a major thigh lift, you may have to take it easy for three to four days after the procedure. Sitting will be difficult in all cases, because the seam is located near the fold of your buttocks.

The pain after the procedure is usually quite manageable. You will be able to shower again after circa two days. The stitches are soluble and only the knots will be visible on the outside of your body. These are removed after two weeks. During the first few days, it may be easier to use a urinal or a female urination device. Once the wound has healed, the scar will be hardly visible at all.


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