When we compare the lips of a twenty-five-year-old to those of a sixty-five-year-old, there are quite a few notable differences. The lips are clearly thinner, the edges of the lips become flatter and lose their definition, the skin of the upper and bottom lip shows vertical wrinkles and the entire upper lip becomes longer.

In other words, the distance between the nose and the lips increases, which will obscure the upper teeth when you talk or laugh. All this changes the emotional expression of your mouth. A proper and natural lip rejuvenation procedure demands that all these areas are tackled.

If we wish to increase the volume of the lips, we must respect the relative proportions of the upper and lower lip. Seen from the front, the lower lip is usually a bit fuller than the upper lip. Patients often ask that we only add volume to their upper lip. However, the results of making the upper lip as full as the lower lip are quite unnatural. It often looks like a “duckface” and is a clear indication of an inadequate injection technique. To avoid this, we will usually add a bit of volume to the lower lip as well.

To correct the vertical lengthening of the upper lip, a small surgical procedure known as a lip lift is used. At the base of the nostrils, a strip of skin is removed across the entire width of the base of the nose. This reduces the vertical length of the upper lip and creates more prominent lips, which often has a very feminine and attractive effect. A lip lift is frequently combined with the aforementioned techniques to achieve a beautiful and natural result

The procedure can be performed using either a filler (hyaluronic acid gel) or your own fat (lipofilling). Using a filler is a simpler procedure, yet one that will have to be repeated. Injecting fat involves a small surgery, but the results will last much longer.

To correct the vertical wrinkles, the SNIF technique is used (see “SNIF”). Small fat particles are injected directly into the wrinkles. This technique also makes it possible to construct the edge of the lips. To treat deeper grooves, the SNIF technique is combined with abrasion or resurfacing techniques (see Erbium laser and chemical peeling).


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