An arm lift involves the surgical correction of loose skin and excess fat tissue in the upper arms. This is not always a simple surgical problem and there are several procedures with which to treat the issue – each with their own pros and cons.

For young patients, whose skin still retains its elasticity and who have little to no wrinkle formation in the upper arms, a liposculpture procedure will be sufficient. The excess fat is removed and the skin’s own elasticity will then adapt to the new volume of the arms. The liposculpture is usually performed under local anaesthesia.

When there is a significant degree of skin sagging as well and the skin has lost some of its elasticity, the desired results can only be realised by removing the excess skin. In almost all cases, this is combined with a liposculpture. The excess skin is removed by making an incision from the armpit down the inside of the upper arm. This procedure can also be performed in the day clinic under local or general anaesthesia. The incision is largely stitched subcutaneously, which means the skin will not feel tight. In most cases, the only scar will be a pale and pencil-thin line that is only visible from up close.

The surgical removal of excess skin and fat tissue is a procedure that result in only a small to moderate amount of post-op discomfort, which can easily be managed with painkillers.

During the first few days after the procedure, the wound may feel tight and the arms can be a bit bruised and swollen. It is recommended to wear a compression stocking around your arm for the first three to four weeks to reduce the swelling. The wound is stitched subcutaneously and the knots in the stitches will be removed after two weeks. After circa six weeks, you will be able to exercise and play sports again.


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